jfmedia’s new motto

After reading the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, we decided it was important to define our own “Why” so jfmedia had its first ever jfmedia vision day for the entire staff. On the continuing theme of WHY we asked ourselves as industry professionals;

Why are we in the business….

Why do we come to work every day and service our clients and media agencies the way that we do.

Why would you choose jfmedia.

After many different angles and opinions and an exercise to determine our company values, the team created a new Motto for jfmedia and it’s simply; “Making Life Easier”

We believe there are three key groups of people for which we can make life easier – Media Owners, Media Buyers/Advertisers and Media Sales Reps (our staff). The content is a little deep for this article but feel free to discuss it with us the next time we meet. Or more likely, you’ll hear ‘Making Life Easier’ come up a lot more in our conversations to keep us on track!

Welcome to jfmedia: Making Life Easier for our Media Owners, Advertisers and Staff.

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