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Quick link to: Sections & LiftoutsRegional NewspapersWest Weekend MagazineSeven Days The West Australian is published Monday to Saturday, covering Perth and the entire state of Western Australia. In fact it represents the largest newspaper distribution area in the world covering 2,525,500 square kms of WA. The West offers a multi-faceted product, with over 20 dedicated editorial sections, and reaches a very broad spectrum of age groups and lifestyles. The West Australian firmly holds the position of WA’s market leader, reaching more of almost every demographic than any other newspaper in the state.
Circulation: Mon-Fri: 157,110; Weekend: 259,771* Readership: Mon-Fri: 645,000; Weekend: 670,000^ The West Australian and The Weekend West reach a combined net audience of 987,000 readers every week.

*Circulation: ABC audit three months to 30 September, 2014. ^Readership: emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, people 14+ for the 12 months ending September 2014

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