MMTD_logo_RGB MyMediaTradingDesk (MMTD) brings the world of Programmatic Media Buying to the Private Media Agency and Direct Advertiser market. This “Outsourced Digital Media Trading Desk” model currently serves more than 15 Privately Owned Media Agencies around Australia and also Direct Advertisers both here and from Overseas.MMTD integrates data intelligence from a range of leading technologies and platforms to access and buy online inventory across a range of web and m-sites, including premium sites. MMTD cherry picks the technology/platform to deliver the best outcomes for the particular client/campaign and can reach target audiences at scale using a variety of creative formats (display, social, video) cross-platform (PC/laptop, mobile, tablet).

MMTD offers sophisticated audience targeting capabilities, greater operational/process efficiencies, a range of pricing metrics (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPE, etc) and optimisation/conversion tagging to suit your client/campaign/budget. MMTD approaches each Client and Campaign individually and offers everything from “Trading Desk 101” approaches with Clients just starting out in the Programmatic space through to highly data and CPE orientated traffic campaigns for Online Media Buying gurus both domestically and from overseas..

To learn more about MyMediaTradingDesk please phone Michael on 07 3844 5888 or visit get more information and Digital Cheat Sheets at: MMTD for Media & Marketing Agencies or MMTD for Private/Direct Advertisers .